2022 Models
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Vertigo is proud to present the Nitro, its new and evolved trials bike for the 2022 season. The Nitro, as the successor to the acclaimed Combat, brings together all the experience accumulated by the brand in World Championship races and with it, Vertigo continues to lead the technological evolution in trials with the most complete motorcycle that the brand has manufactured to date.

The Nitro will be available from the usual Vertigo dealer network in 125cc, 250cc and 300cc Euro5 homologated and competition versions, as well as 200cc competition only versions.


The Nitro’s new multi tubular chassis, is the result of hours of racing development, giving the new Vertigo superior agility and handling capabilities. Other advancements include a new micro-fusion shock mount, optimally positioning this essential component on the Nitro. The new and now unrestricted rear wheel travel, coupled with the new shock mount provide a greatly improved functionality and suspension feel over previous models.

The Nitro places each of its electrical components in an optimal location, with two clear objectives; achieve the necessary cooling and improved accessibility. All electrical components are now protected, but also highly accessible, making maintenance tasks a simple and efficient process.

Another important advancement of the Nitro, is the all new silencer. The distinctive new silencer improves the thermodynamic performance, reduces engine braking, whilst also allowing an additional 5cm of suspension travel, over previous models. Another major advantage is the removable end-cap, which allows for easy repacking of the silencer.

The new fuel tank allows you to take advantage of 100% of its capacity. Filling will be safer with the Nitro, thanks to the design of a new tank which prevents the spillage of fuel towards the electrical components of the engine. The tank has also been repositioned slightly forward compared to previous models, helping to improve weight distribution and thus stability. Vertigo’s innovative and unique positioning of the fuel tank keeps weight low and centrally located, therefore providing superior stability and traction over any other trials motorcycle available.

The Nitro has a completely new water pump, more compact yet with a higher flow efficiency. This new pump is now also repositioned at the lowest point in the coolant circuit, meaning the system is now self bleeding, resulting in a more efficient cooling system.


Vertigo is proud to introduce the new Titanium R Limited Edition MY2022. With a limited production of only 40 units Worldwide, the Titanium R is without a doubt the most exclusive trials motorcycle in the market, featuring extensive and unique features like the titanium frame, optimised for the 2022 model by introducing a new machined shock absorber support also made of titanium.


Another component to highlight is the new, smaller and detachable machined clutch cover which contributes to differentiating this model from any other models in the market.


The Titanium R 2022 is the first and only production trials model in the industry to mount Tech Factory Kashima Gold forks, which along the 3-way Reiger shock absorber, provide outstanding riding dynamics. The user can easily adjust the settings to suit their preferences.


Additional distinctive components of the Titanium R 2022 include the Raptor foot-rests, with the serial number engraved on them, like on the limited series frame plate.


The titanium muffler, one of the most valued components by Vertigo users, is also a special feature of the Titanium R 2022.


A significant innovation is the incorporation of a new inlet manifold, with a built-in temperature and pressure sensor.


A machined brake pedal in black is also included in the list of model specific components.


The list of features of the Titanium R 2022 also includes a 6mm Costa Parts crankcase protector in aluminium 7075, offering exceptional protection to all components.


With a clear focus on R+D Strategy, Vertigo once again leads the technological evolution in the World of trials with the launch of the state-of-the-art Jaime Busto Replica (JB-R), the new R-model for the 2022 season.

This is the outstanding result of the fusion of two of the most successful Vertigo machines. The high performance of the R series has been combined with the exclusive and unique essence of the Jaime Busto Replica. The JB-R is available in all engine sizes: 125, 200, 250 and 300cc.

To develop this new model, the Vertigo R&D engineers have been working hand in hand with GET. The outcome is a revolutionary battery-assisted electronic injection system, which in all respects - improves and facilitates the starting of the bike while optimising the operation of its electrical components.

Hybrid Start: The 390 gr. (0.9 Pounds) of weight pre-charges the electrical system and activates the fuel pump, enhancing the ignition process;  matching it up to an electric starting system without affecting the dynamic behaviour of the motorcycle. The battery is located close to the centre of gravity of the bike, so the distribution of weights does not change. The battery is automatically charged through the voltage regulator and does not consume energy while the bike is stopped.

The battery provides a smooth electric flow to prevent voltage spikes and keeps the temperature of the system stable. Thus, the engine gains in stability and provides better torque at low speed.

Another innovative element developed at Vertigo is the pressure and temperature sensor placed on the inlet manifold. It captures values of temperature, atmospheric pressure and intake pressure in an extremely accurate and immediate way. Another advantage of placing the sensor in the inlet manifold is that it is protected from mud and water and thus requires no maintenance.

The cooling system is therefore enhanced. The fan always runs at full speed because the battery provides a regular flow.  This improves the engine heat dissipation, and it makes the fan turn on less frequently and for less time. 

Another significant upgrade to the JB-R over previous models is the front fender, which is lighter and features a completely new design that increases protection for the bike and rider. The 6mm skid plate has also been re-designed and lighten to provide better shock defence.