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Combat Titanium R 2019


The most exclusive motorcycle trials bike in the market arrives in 2019 in a limited edition of only 40 units.

The Combat Titanium comes again with its unique titanium frame, the lightest and most manageable one ever built, complemented with a group of premium components meaning this is the most advanced model ever created in terms of technology and innovation.

Its unique plaque with the number of the series brings even more singularity to each model, providing the final users a motorcycle that nobody else owns worldwide.

The decoration has also gone through an extensive renewal by presenting an important change of colours.

While green continues to appear as the main one in most parts of the design, a new colour enters the stage to provide an important visual change and a major differential factor.

It is the fuchsia, which appears both in the plastic kit and in some details like Vertigo’s logos from the rims or the rear swing arm.

Fuchsia is mixed with black, something that adds an extra point of elegance to the whole bike.

The bet for these colours responds to the intention of exemplifying the renewal that this Vertical 2019 constitutes, and at the same time, it tries scape from monotony and offer an innovative and daring outcome in order to put some ground between all the other models that are currently out in the market.