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Fuel Mixture – 
30 ml of oil to 5 litres of Standard unleaded petrol (Rock Oil Strawberry Trial 2 scented synthetic pre-mix 2 stroke).

Gear Box Oil Capacity –
2016 – 2019 Vertical – 375ml (Rock Oil Gear Pro 75w full synthetic competition gear oil).
2019 Vertical R Onwards – 400ml (Rock Oil Gear Pro 75w full synthetic competition gear oil).

Chain Tension –
Allow a 10mm gap between the top of the chain tensioner block and lower edge of the swingarm. (Any more than this will place unnecessary strain on your gearbox).

Starting –
To start your Vertigo firstly gently apply pressure on the kickstart to engage the kickstart gears (therefore making sure correct kickstart gear alignment is achieved). 
Then relieve pressure and apply a solid stroke to ensure the engine is able to start. When cold it is normal to take 3-4 kicks but once warm 1-2 kicks.

Washing –
When washing your Vertigo we advise fitting an exhaust bung to prevent water entering the exhaust system.
As the air intake is positioned at the front of the air box, placing a sponge (or something similar) in the frame section will help prevent water entering this area.
Please note Vertigo models 2020 R2 onwards also have a breather area on the bottom of the air box near the top of the radiator area so please avoid directly power washing. 
Please check water has not entered the air box. 
After washing, start the engine until the fan has cycled at least 3-4 times to help the drying process of electrics and all other parts and if possible blow the bike off with an airline to ensure water residue is removed.


If using a pressure washer do not spray it directly at the TPS area.

Suspension Settings –