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Nitro 2023


Far exceeding initial expectations by becoming the best-selling motorcycle in the brand’s history and achieving victories in all major national and international competitions, the 2023 version of the Nitro consolidates the model in the elite and the Vertigo brand as the clear reference for innovation, technology and performance in the trials world. Available in a wide range of engine sizes, 125cc, 225cc, 250cc and 300cc, there is a Nitro capable of satisfying the demands of any user, from young riders in their learning phases, to experienced users and the PROs who regularly compete.

Taking advantage of the successful base that made the Nitro the leading model of the trials market last season, the 2023 version incorporates a list of innovations that further enhance the quality of the user experience. Among them, the unique Vertigo battery-assisted electronic injection system improves and allows the starting of the bike while optimising the operation of all its electrical components. Another important innovation is the new coil support with silent-blocks, which notably mitigates the engine, thus improving riding experience and reducing maintenance and upkeep.

The Nitro 2023 incorporates a detachable two-piece clutch cover as standard, one of Vertigo’s great advances from last year in its top models, and a unique engineering piece of work that adds exclusivity and style, while also allows easy maintenance. On the drivetrain side, the 2023 Nitro features a redesigned crown tooth profile to reduce chain friction for smoother acceleration (less mechanical brake). Another addition to the new model is the front fender, featuring a design with greater protection for the bike and rider as well as weight reduction.

The known manoeuvrability and dynamics of Vertigo’s revolutionary steel frame is matched by the 170mm Tech Factory fork and the Reiger 2-way shock absorber anchored by micro-casting, adjustable in compression, rebound and preload, achieving a stable and responsive motorcycle. Riders have two electronic engine maps for dry and wet conditions. Based on the information collected in the most prestigious competitions, and from the testing of the brand’s Factory riders, the Vertigo innovation team has developed new configurations for each of the available displacements of the 2023 Nitro that improve the performance of the engine in all circumstances.

Blister Works23 High Quality stickers have a stunning texture, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for a great resistance to scratches and to exposure of the elements such as rain and mud. Paired with silver forged aluminium hubs, the 2023 Nitro shows a minimalist look that blends traditional Vertigo green with black colours.

2023 Nitro key features

• Unique Vertigo battery-assisted electronic injection system, allows easy starting of the bike
• Detachable two-piece clutch cover
• New coil support with silent-blocks
• Exhaust with engraved Nitro logo
• New coil support with silent-blocks
• Vertigo steel frame 25CrMo 4 in green + aluminium 6082 swingarm
• 170mm Tech Factory fork
• Reiger 2-way shock absorber adjustable in compression, rebound and preload
• Blister Works23 High Quality stickers
• Dry and wet maps with new settings
• High capacity airbox with a double air intake for a better performance in lower RPM
• Renthal fatbar
• High capacity and centred 2,3L fuel tank
• Weight: 68 kg