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Vertical R

125cc £6995 / 250cc and 300cc £7245

Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the new, limited edition, Vertigo, Vertical, Model R. This new racing model is available in 125, 250 and 300cc versions. Each of these versions have been subject to a meticulous technical development, so as to ensure the bike is even more refined and advanced than ever before.

This new model, takes the already most technically advanced and revolutionary trials bike on the market, to a whole new level & into an entire class of its own. If you demand the ultimate in quality, advanced technology & performance-Then this in the bike for you.

New Racing Throttle Body: This gives a much faster and even more precise throttle response, throughout the rev range.
All New Lightweight Chassis: For a more agile and controlled ride, whilst saving 800g over the standard frame.
New Camo Graphics & Chassis Colour Scheme: Give an aggressive new look to the bike, which compliments perfectly the classic Vertigo Factory green.
Complete Redesign Of The Clutch: Allowing for an even lighter, more responsive & precise feeling. Providing even the most demanding riders, the ultimate feeling of control at their finger tip.
S3 Red Anodised Clutch & Brake Adjusters: Allow instant fine tuning of your Controls.
New Throttle Cable Adjuster: Fine tune your throttle at the handlebar.
Carbon Fibre Engine Case Guards: Added protection for the engine cases, whilst adding to the overall racing look of the bike.
New Tech Factory Forks: Give maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider. While the gold finish adds to the racing look.
New Reiger 3 Way Rear Shock: Provides even smoother & more controlled Suspension travel, as well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.
Vertigo Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder Covers: In anodised red.
S3 Hard Rock Footpegs: In anodised red with non-slip steel pins.
New Flywheel Weight Kit 366g: Allows the power delivery of the bike to be even smoother & more controlled, helping to optimise drive and traction in all conditions.
New Radiator Design & New Fan: Improves airflow & cooling, whilst being more resistant to heavy impacts.
New Silencer Guard Spacers: Give the rider more precision & control when manoeuvring the bike.
Lanyard Type Kill Switch: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.
Ultra Light, Billet Machined, Triple Clamps: With anodised red finish.
Renthal Handlebars & Grips.
Dunlop GP Tyres.
Bronze Skidplate & Side Stand: Make sure the bike stands out & add a touch of class.
FIM Spec Rear Disk Brake: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.
New Design Gear Change Lever: For improved gear changes.